The Ultimate Secrets of Blended Learning

Find out the Secrets and Benefits of Blended Learning!




From understanding the basics of blended learning to fine-tuning your current program, this course gives you hands-on practice that will expand your knowledge base and help you develop a plan for your own classroom or school to create a student-centered education design that personalizes for all students. We will illustrate what works, what doesn’t, and how to build a successful blended-learning program. This course’s organizational structure allows you to jump in at any point to access field-tested exercises that will deepen your understanding of the design process. Blended learning is inspiring K–12 educators with an improved student experience that includes the best of face-to-face and online learning formats to personalize learning and deepen engagement. We will help you design and implement an effective program of Blended Learning. You will:
  • Examine rotational models that illustrate blended learning
  • Solidify your understanding of effective blended-learning design
  • Complete illustrative exercises to further your implementation expertise
  • Evaluate the many paths blended learning can take, and implement what works best for your students
Blended learning is a proven, highly rewarding learning strategy. However, the success of your program relies on proper design and implementation. We’ll help you understand the advantages and pitfalls of implementing Blended Learning.


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The Ultimate Secrets of Blended Learning


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